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City of Langley

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About Langley

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Experience The City of Langley. With its rich history, wonderful sense of community, lush offerings of nature, and proximity to Vancouver, Langley is the best kept secret in the Lower Mainland.

The City of Langley has a pedestrian-oriented downtown core, as well as a Kwantlen University College campus located right in town. With a high-end shopping centre, independent stores, farmer’s markets, and terrific antique retailers, the City of Langley is proud to be a growing business centre that has held onto its heritage feeling. Boasting fabulous wineries, over 300 acres of beautiful parklands, abundant farms and nurseries, and a thriving arts community, every season is full of wonder and exciting activities here.

Every three years after a new Council is sworn in the City of Langley updates a publication called "Getting to Know the City of Langley". This booklet is given to every grade 5 student in the city of Langley so that they may learn more about their community and local government.


The Place to Be.

The Place to Be


 “To provide a vibrant, healthy and safe community.”

Values - P.R.I.D.E.

People: Our customer service priority

Our commitment to people will be demonstrated by: 

  • Using effective two-way communication through seeking input, active listening and respecting diversity and other points of view. 
  • Providing timely and reliable customer service by being proactive, courteous, friendly, helpful, open-minded and results oriented. 
  • Practicing leadership through our own actions, empowering employees, clarifying expectations, expecting accountability, providing growth opportunities and building leaders.  

Respect: How we treat people

We will maintain a respectful working environment by: 

  • Acknowledging and supporting decisions and being part of the team. 
  • Being sincere and consistent in words and actions. 
  • Listening and being supportive of the needs of others. 
  • Being caring and understanding. 

Integrity: How we carry out our responsibilities 

We use integrity to get our work done by: 

  • Maintaining consistency between stated values and actions. 
  • Following through on commitments. 
  • Correcting errors and omissions in a timely manner. 
  • Practicing open, transparent and honest two way communications. 

Dynamics: How we strive for innovation 

We will promote a dynamic workplace that values a freedom to explore which will foster creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation by:

  • Being a customer-focused workforce. 
  • Being accepting of failure in trying new ideas. 
  • Celebrating successes. 

Expectations: How we anticipate the future 

We will create a business approach that anticipates the needs of the community by; 

  • Aiming to go beyond expectations. 
  • Having a lasting effect on creating and sustaining a progressive community. 
  • Respecting the need for ongoing change and new innovative solutions. 
  • Recognizing the need for lifelong learning, training and education.

Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Arms (Shield)

Symbolizes the historic crossroads of Old Yale Road (Fraser Highway), Glover Road and the horizontal British Columbia Electric Railway. The blue star of Innes in the centre of the crossroads reflects the original name of this crossroads - "Innes Corners", after the prominent pioneer and landowner, Adam Innes.


Combines a mural coronet as a traditional heraldic emblem for municipal government with Maple leaves for Canada and Dogwoods for British Columbia. Above is a canoe, portage fashion to celebrate the MacMillan expedition of 1824. It is tinctured ermine to recall the region's early involvement with the fur trade. Above the canoe is a black half lion from th Scots heraldry for MacMillan. The lion is also a powerful symbol of strength of purpose. Here it symbolizes the spirit of the community and the determination of citizens to defend the City's interests represented by the City's flag.

Supporters & Compartment

The blue and white bars symbolize the Nicomekl River which flows through the City. The grass represents the lands of the City, especially its original fields, while the lilies represent the special natural heritage of the region. The elk also represents this heritage, with the horse honouring pioneers and the role of horsepower in early agriculture and industry. The garbs or wheat sheaves in the collars and on the elk's medallion recall Langley Prairie and agriculture. The cog wheel for industry appears on the horse's medallion. The bezants or gold coins are the traditional symbol of commerce.


"Strength of Purpose - Spirit of Community"



The flag is composed of the elements of the shield, rebalanced to fit a horizontal rectangle.

Time Capsule

The time capsule, provided by Fraserway Prekast Ltd, 22765 Fraser Hwy, Langley BC., is the kind that is commonly used by crematoriums. It was donated to the City. It is about 1 foot square and 1.5 feet deep and made of concrete. To prevent moisture deterioration, almost everything was shrink wrapped. Mayor Grinnell then placed concrete on top to seal the Time Capsule in place.

A cubicle of brick approximately 3 feet square was constructed in the north-east corner of the Archives Room in the underground parking area of the City Hall/Library at 20399 Douglas Crescent.

Placed In The NE Corner Of The Archives Room, Underground Parking Garage Of City Hall
October 16, 2000 AT 4:00 PM. The contents of the 2000 Time Capsule are:

  1. Letter To Future Generations by Mayor Marlene M. Grinnell
  2. "From City To Prairie" - History Book commissioned by the City of Langley " and written by
    Warren F. Sommer
  3. Photograph of 2000 City Council Members
  4. Photograph of City Staff Outside Old City Hall Prior to demolition of Building in 1999
  5. City Organization Chart
  6. Program -- Official Opening - New Langley City Hall & Library - August 25, 2000
  7. Coins From 1955 Time Capsule From Old City Hall
  8. 2000 Coins - 25 Cents, $1 and $2
  9. "On-Site Magazine" and Langley Advance Newson the Official Opening of the new City Hall
  10. Special Report on City of Langley - Supplement to Trade & Commerce Magazine
  11. City of Langley 2000 Assessment Roll
  12. Photographs of Our Two Heritage Homes: Wark/Dumais House on Glover Road owned by Kwantlen University College and Michaud House on 204th Street adjacent to Nicomekl River
  13. Historical Issue - Langley Advance News: December 31, 2000
  14. City of Langley Lapel Pins: (1) City Trade Mark (later discontinued and replaced by the Coat of Arms), (1) "Where City Meets Country", (1) Oval pin - on the occasion of Conferment of Coat of Arms by Chief Herald of Canada, Mr. Robert Watt, (9) City of Langley Pins (2000) Coat of Arms for Members of Council serving when the time capsule is opened.
  15. T-Shirt of 'Langley City Farmers' Market - Market held every Saturday during the Summer months at Innes Corners (Fraser Highway & Glover Road/204th Street)
  16. Sears Catalogue - Spring & Summer 2000
  17. 3 Coupon Books From Safeway Store