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Guest Blogs

Guest Blogs

Guest Blogger - Eric Taylor

Posted by admin on July 18, 2013

Promoting the area we live in is a way of ensuring our continued enjoyment of the area by having growth in population and interest by outside business to buy here or even relocate here.

It goes hand in hand with promoting our own businesses and workplaces. What better time exists to promote than at the Cruise-In?

The Langley Good Times Cruise-In is the best attended charity event in the Western Canada. It is an excellent opportunity to see the downtown core of Langley at its best. With over 100,000 people walking around the town, there is a distinct air of excitement and electricity that is hard to replicate any other time. The merchants have their businesses painted up and are doing their best to display their wares to all that are in the area. The entire city is mobilized to promote itself and to assist in the fundraising.

The presence of over 1,000 classic cars gives us reason to show off our city and bring people to it. And the real benefit of the show is that all of the funds that are raised here are donated to local charities to assist Langley area people with challenges and problems. From the Langley Hospital Auxiliary to the Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Centre or the Langley Boys and Girls club, the thousands of dollars raised stay right here in our community and assist those in difficult circumstances. If you are a business person in or around the city, or if you are a resident of the city or surrounding area, this is your opportunity to invite people to come to Langley and see what the area has to offer.

Bring in business people and bring in tourists. Bring in anybody who may fall in love or see a benefit of the city to their future. While you are at it, make a small or a large donation to the Cruise-In and encourage them to do the same. The buzz of a successful event spreads to the attendees and will contribute a general positive attitude to the whole area. People will remember the feelings, the sights and sounds and smells that surrounded them at the fun event and will associate that fun with the location they experienced it. Invite some people now to come to Langley in September to enjoy this spectacular event and to fall in love with Langley.

Show day is September 7th 2013, we hope to see you there!

Eric Taylor, President, Langley GoodTimes Cruise –In Society / 2013

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